Initial fundraising goal reached

We did it! The community response to this fundraiser has been absolutely incredible, and the fundraising goal of $40,000 has been reached in just 10 days. We are humbled and absolutely blown away by the support.

This covers the currently expected legal costs for now, but we don’t know if it will stop here. There may be further costs that we are not yet aware of and there could also be the risk of an adverse cost order. This means that the parent involved in this challenge could face having to pay the Government’s legal fees in the event of losing.

Therefore, we have increased the donation goal of the fundraiser to be prepared for any further unexpected costs.

As detailed in the initial post, Details of the Vaccine Medical Exemptions Challenge, any money not used for this legal action will be put towards other related causes such as:

  • Website costs (minimal)
  • Donated to Lindsey Day’s fundraising campaign
  • Donated to the AVN, Vaccine Information Service, VISA, IMOP, or HAP
  • For conducting Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
  • Donated at our discretion towards any other legal case that has good legal representation and strong prospects for success

Your donation is valued, and will be put to good purpose.