Outcome of legal challenge

The Federal Court handed down its decision in our medical exemptions case at the end of last year. To recap, the reason for the legal challenge was that we were specifically asking the court to interpret whether the government (specifically Centrelink) were permitted to restrict medical exemptions to the following two criteria (outlined in Details … Read more

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UPDATE: Appeal has been heard in the Federal Court

The appeal was heard in the Federal Court last week and the judge has reserved his decision (meaning he will deliver his decision at a later date). We have just received a legal bill which we hope will wrap up this case. Unfortunately the funds to date don’t cover this bill and therefore we urgently … Read more

No medical exemptions from Covid-19 jabs

While our legal action is challenging the virtual abolition of medical exemptions from vaccination that has occurred since 2016, what also frightening is that it is appearing increasingly likely that under the Covid-19 regime, nobody, I repeat “nobody” will be able to obtain a medical exemption from any Covid-19 jab. This is horrific in a … Read more

Mandatory vs Voluntary Vaccination

But, isn’t vaccination voluntary in Australia, I hear you ask? The government has been conflating the meaning of “mandatory” ever since they introduced No Jab No Pay in 2016, however in relation to Covid-19, our Prime Minister Scott Morrison first told Australian’s in August 2020 that any Coronavirus vaccine should be as “mandatory as possible”.​[1]​ … Read more

No Covid-19 vaccine has received full TGA approval in Australia

Despite claims otherwise, the Covid-19 vaccines in fact have “provisional” approval only with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and DO NOT have full approval as is implied by the Government and in the media. Despite the claims of a “stringent process”, provisional approvals are based on preliminary data. As of 24 October 2021, the following … Read more

Initial fundraising goal reached

We did it! The community response to this fundraiser has been absolutely incredible, and the fundraising goal of $40,000 has been reached in just 10 days. We are humbled and absolutely blown away by the support. This covers the currently expected legal costs for now, but we don’t know if it will stop here. There … Read more

Donation goal increased to $40,000

As of 05/08/2021, we have increased the goal by $4,000 to $40,000, to cover the cost of a medical report requested by the lawyer, as well as credit/debit card and PayPal fees. Thank you for your ongoing support.